Backcountry Wine Tours Coronavirus (COVID-19) Information

* This page will be updated as new information emerges. Please check back regularly – all content is subject to change.*

Last updated July 29, 2021

As of August, 2021 – Wine Tours are available and we welcome you to the Willamette Valley!  

As the “Delta Variant” makes its rounds we want you to know that we still prioritize both your safety and your comfort.  Things are fairly normal in the valley right now and your tour will not be negatively affected by the guidelines set in place.

Masks are *NOT* mandatory in our tour vehicles, but our guides will always defer to the comfort level of our guests – but you can rest assured that all of our guides have been vaccinated.

Please review the current guidelines:

  • We can now accommodate groups of any size – just please understand that in some cases (typically only if your group is larger than 8), we may need to seat you at a couple separate tables.
  • Our current policy on masks is – we will defer to the wishes of the group.  If everyone in the group agrees that they are comfortable taking off masks in the tour van, then that’s what we’ll do.  If it makes the group more comfortable to keep them on, we will be happy to oblige.
  • At the wineries, we just ask that you wear your mask as you arrive and get settled.  Once situated at your tasting table, you are welcome to remove masks, relax and enjoy yourselves.  Please re-apply your mask whenever getting up from your table and moving through the winery.
  • Please do not attend a wine tour if you are experiencing any symptoms that may be associated with Covid-19.
  • Please respect and follow any other guidelines that the wineries may have in place.

Is It Safe? 

We will be doing everything in our power to provide a safe and hygienic experience for all our guests.  Enhanced safety protocols will include:

  • Hand Sanitizer and wipes in all tour vans.
  • Staff that are sick or feeling sick will not be allowed to work.
  • We will sanitize all surfaces in our vans prior to each tour. 

It is our belief that, although there is clearly not zero risk, that with enhanced safety protocols and common sense, we have arrived at a place of “acceptable risk” in which careful, mindful accessing of the wineries is reasonably safe.  Of course, we cannot guarantee that you won’t be exposed, so participation is at your own risk.  We also encourage tour participants to be very honest with themselves about what level of acceptable risk they are comfortable with.  If you are in an “at-risk” population, we encourage you to postpone your travel plans a little further.

What If We Have to Cancel?

There will be no penalties.  Because of the extraordinary circumstances, we are removing any and all cancellation fees if your tour needs to be cancelled or postponed due to Covid considerations.  We recommend getting your preferred tour date booked with us, as summer dates will still likely fill up!  You don’t have to worry about us holding your tour fees ransom.

Special Note About “Joinable” Tours:

We have reinstated our Joinable Tour option for those who don’t mind sharing the tour van with another small group.  The total group size for a Joinable Tour may not exceed 8 people, and will not include more than 3 separate booking groups.  (usually just 2)  If those guidelines are acceptable to you, then you may book a Joinable Tour with confidence.  If this is NOT an acceptable arrangement for you, then we encourage you to book a “Private Tour.”

If you have any questions or concerns:

Please reach out to us at and we will be happy to discuss further.